Why should you respect seasonal change? Winter special Ayurvedic nutrition and lifestyle tips


Winter special Ayurvedic nutrition and lifestyle tips.

Can you feel everything is moving slower these days? It’s hard to make decisions? You may feel slightly confused about where you’re going next? Do you feel like hibernating, staying in bed a little longer and doing less activities?

It’s not just you!

Just like every other natural species on earth, you are most likely impacted by the natural seasonal change. In Ayurveda, winter is linked to kapha dosha, the earth and water elements, the following  qualities: heavy, cold, wet, slow, dense, cloudy, static and emotions : attachement, dullness, confusion.


Season Winter
Dosha Kapha
Elements Earth & water
  • Heavy
  • Cold
  • Wet
  • Slow
  • Dense
  • Cloudy
  • Static
  • Attachement
  • Confusion
  • Dullness

So what can you do about it?



Become aware that those changes are much bigger than you. And that you cannot control neither your external nor internal environment.

How do you become aware of the changes?Why should you respect seasonal change? Winter special Ayurvedic nutrition and lifestyle tips

  • Reading this article is a good start and talking about it with friends, partner, colleagues 🙂
  • Walking in nature. Observing what is going on outside, as it is a reflection of what is also going on inside.
  • Meditating to go observe what is happening in the inside, with no judgement just being genuinely curious about the impact of seasonal changes on your internal environment.


If you want to keep strong and healthy this season, I can guarantee that listening and adapting is a lot more energy efficient than ignoring or resisting changes, I’ve tried both!

How can you listen and adapt?

  • Again make time to listen to your body needs. Ask yourself how you are feeling today or engage in a short body scan meditation. Are you feeling cold/hot/dry/slow/heavy/tired/hyperactive?
  • Adapt your nutrition and lifestyle behaviour, to balance your internal environment. You know best what is suited to you.
    • Feeling cold? Then give yourself some warmth: wrap up in warm blanket, have a warm soup, use warming spices in your cooking (clove, ginger, cinnamon, cardamom, black pepper etc.), drink warming herbal teas, stay inside, enjoy warm and friendly company, wear warming colours (orange, yellow) etc.
    • Feeling dryness? Then indulge with moist: warm full body sesame oil massage 15min before your bath or shower, cook broths, soups and buttery mash etc..
    • Feeling slow? Then move: take a brisk walk in nature, practice yoga, Qi Gong, Tai Chi, stretching or pranayama breathing exercises to bring back some energy flow (Chi, Qi, Prana) into your body, do eucalyptus or ginger inhalations etc.


It’s that simple! Accept that this whole seasonal thing is much bigger than you, tune in to yourself and adapt.

What will you do today to keep healthy this winter?


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