L’hiver, le manque de luminosité, les journées qui raccourcissent drastiquement, la grisaille, le froid… Cette période de l’année est souvent synonyme de fatigue, d’un manque d’énergie et d’entrain, voire de déprime ou “blues hivernal”.

Stéphanie Grosieux, thérapeute holistique et Elena Kurten se proposent, à travers ce premier “Happy Talk”, de vous apporter quelques astuces, afin d’appréhender cette saison de façon plus douce et sereine, et d’optimiser votre bien-être physique et émotionnel pour passer un hiver dans la joie et la bonne humeur !

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Why should you respect seasonal change? Winter special Ayurvedic nutrition and lifestyle tips


Winter special Ayurvedic nutrition and lifestyle tips.

Can you feel everything is moving slower these days? It’s hard to make decisions? You may feel slightly confused about where you’re going next? Do you feel like hibernating, staying in bed a little longer and doing less activities?

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turmeric health benefits, bienfaits cucurma, ayurveda,


Why is turmeric considered to be a “super food” ? What are the proven health benefits of turmeric? Here’s a summary of everything you need to know…

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Düsseldorf's best restaurants for healthy eating

Düsseldorf’s best restaurants for healthy eating this winter 2015/2016

 “Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food” Hippocrates


At Maison Alethia we believe that a healthy lifestyle starts with clean eating. That’s why we’ve been on the look out for healthy cafés and restaurants serving healthier natural food including some delicious vegetarian, vegan, gluten-free and lactose-free options. Here are my favourite healthy restaurants in Düsseldorf at the moment.

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“Words keeping the highest” a simple exercise to let go by yoga teacher Lucy Hamel.

Through the years, I have heard many descriptions of who I am from others. I have been told I am spacey, shy, a snob, beautiful, ugly, inspiring, a witch, an angel, a mother, stubborn, stupid, cute, short, tiny, naive, arrogant, big-hearted, clever, a daughter, sweet, courageous, young, a whore, innocent, maternal, uncaring, too caring, sexy, funny, in denial, clear, immature, American, talented, intimidating, a good friend, strong, too old, and a lot like my mother. Of course, if I sat a good long time there would be many more but you get my point.

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