Be Fit

Retreats in Greece

6 days / 5 nights

In Mykonos, Santorini, Paros, Tinos, Naxos or Syros


Are you tired of being tired? Feeling low on energy and lacking interest in some areas of your life?

Many of us experience these emotions – physically, mentally, socially and sexually – but it’s a matter of breaking out of the negative cycle and embracing positive action. At the ‘Be Fit’ retreat, you’ll learn to eat right, exercise right and strengthen your body and mind. You’ll understand your unique needs and feel strong and in control of your energy levels. With daily wellness exercises and healthy breakfasts amongst many other programmes held on this beautiful Greek island, you’ll start to regain your vitality and learn to love life and love yourself.


Give yourself the gift of :

  • Vitality
  • Strength
  • Inner-Peace
  • Balance
  • Self-love

The Be Fit wellness creation includes:

  • Accommodation in luxury villa with private pool and sea view
  • Daily wellness activities (e.g. yoga, meditation, pilates)
  • 3 x family activities (e.g. greek dancing, cooking class, bicycle tour, hiking, snorkelling)
  • 2 x  Nutritionist approved meal each day
    Complimentary arrival transfer
  • 24/7 Concierge services

Add-ons : Beauty treatments (manicure, pedicure, hair services, make up, waxing), wellness therapies (masage, reiki, breathwork, energy healing), follow-up wellness consultation, car rental, yacht charter, cultural activities, BBQ etc.

Minimum 4 participants

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