As business or team leaders we have a responsibility to be productive and deliver the best performance every day.

We need to:

  • Inspire trust
  • Set the direction
  • Exemplify winning behaviours
  • Think and react quickly
  • Lead with purpose
  • Build healthy relationships
  • Ignite passion
  • Empower accountability


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to effortless productivity & performance

is FIRST to build



Establishing profound changes in our way of living and thinking requires leadership and self-confidence, which in turn require self-knowledge. Only through clear knowledge and understanding of our individual body-mind constitution, can we adjust our nutrition, lifestyle and develop our mind, to improve our health, vitality and focus. We will give you the tools you need to deliver your best performance each day, for business and personal success.

With 1-on-1 sessions you will gain: 

 Self Knowledge

  • Balance
  • Vitality
  • Clarity

 Self Confidence

  • Focus
  • Performance
  • Strength


  • Creativity
  • Empowerment
  • Inspiration

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Eléonore D.

Director, Global Marketing / Pharmaceuticals

I contacted Elena last year for personal coaching as I was struggling to keep my balance between my work and personal lifestyle. At that time I could feel that my health was slowly deteriorating as I was getting sick constantly. Elena initiated me to Ayurveda, she adapted her advices and coaching to my lifestyle and schedule offering a tailored support. She added simple changes to my daily routine to ensure reachable and sustainable lifestyle modification that I could hold onto the long run. Today I am able to find back energy and I have experienced tremendous improvement on my health: I have not been sick for the last 6 months !

Clothilde G.


I attended a 5-days retreat hosted by Maison Alethia in may 2016 and all that I can say is that it was a mind blowing experience. Elena and her team are absolutely fabulous. Not only Elena knows personnally all the therapists and teachers, bringing the retreat an immediate friendly and trustful atmosphere, but also as part of an old Mykonian family she knows all about the main city and secret spots of the island. All others aspects such as location, food and side activities were perfectly handled, so think no more and book your retreat with her for a well-deserved break!

Martin N.


First real Yoga and Ayurveda Experience with amazing Yoga Teacher and Ayurveda Massage Therapist Elena Kurten. Thank you so much for this special experience.

Sophie E.

Fondatrice / Mon Petit Musée

Je suis les cours de yoga d'Elena. Il s'agit d'un yoga calme et relaxant, à l'écoute du corps et de l'esprit : un petit havre de paix dans mes semaines tourmentées! Elena est dans une démarche originale de bien-être. Elle est observatrice, psychologue, et adapte ses conseils à chacun. Une rareté!

Marianne L.

Art Director - Founder / MNO Studio

Ma consultation avec Elena et le travail qu'on a effectué ensemble lors de ce moment m'ont vraiment aidé à me connecter avec mes sensations et mon corps. Elena est en plus d'une grande écoute et de très bons conseils pour trouver le chemin du mieux être.

Pascaline G.

Je recommande ce séjour à quiconque souhaite retrouver le calme, la sérénité et la paix intérieure. J'ai découvert l'Ayurveda et le yoga à travers ce séjour, grâce à Elena et Mirco. Ils ont su m'initier, partager leur savoir et leur technique dans un lieu paradisiaque. L'île de Mykonos, qu'ils connaissent sur le bout des doigts, n'est pas qu'un lieu festif; c'est aussi un milieu naturel propice à la méditation et au recueillement. Ils m'ont fait découvrir des paysages merveilleux. Je recommande vivement les cours de yoga et séances de méditation en extérieur. Merci pour ce fabuleux retour à soi!

Heather C.

Business Owner

Elena has the kindest touch and voice. It was such a joy to take a private yoga lesson from her in Mykonos!


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