It starts with you

Our philosophy

At Maison Alethia, we believe that change starts within the self, and that we all have the power within us to lead this change.



We believe that success and happiness begins with personal wellness – made up of our body, mind and spirit.

Our focus is on balancing the body (physical), before moving onto the mind (mental) and spirit (emotional). This is a progressive and systematic approach that applies the theory of cause and effect.


In the initial stages, an external guiding hand is of help, but later on, the heart is our guide when all our efforts no longer feel like hardwork and start to become a part of us naturally. Throughout all three stages, know that change must come from within the self.

Maison Alethia Personal Wellness Cycle

Maison Alethia Personal Wellness Flow®

 “We start with the body to create discipline, higher levels of energy and remove any discomforts that prevent us from being free and relaxed”


Balance the Body  (Know Yourself)

Balance the Body (Know Yourself)

We start with the body because the mind cannot function when the body is weak. Therefore, we begin by releasing physical symptoms first, like ailments, illnesses and disorders. This is the stage of realisation and of knowing yourself. This is where you start to understand your body and become aware of how it functions, its optimum levels and its reactions to food, stimulants, external activities and the environment. 

Strengthen the Mind  (Grow Yourself)

Strengthen the Mind (Grow Yourself)

Once the body is balanced, mind balance will follow. This is the most important stage of learning and growing yourself, as it puts the commitment and responsibility for happiness in our own hands. Devotion to the practice is key in order to achieve results, by continually practicing and refining all we have learnt. We die the day we stop learning, and the moment we learn is the moment we start to heal.

Energise the Spirit  (Be Yourself)

Energise the Spirit (Be Yourself)

Finally, once the body and mind are balanced, it will give us the chance to realise the potential of the spirit, where inner peace exists. This is the stage of being and of becoming yourself, of living and achieving. At Maison Alethia, we believe in the power of dreams and that nothing is impossible. This is where we push ourselves to aim higher and keep working in the direction our dreams, one step at a time.