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Have you ever wondered what wisdom your elders have acquired that you haven’t yet ?  What lessons they may have learned through life experience that you haven’t learnt yet ?

With many more years accumulated life experience and knowledge, our elders should be the best life experts out there, yet we don’t seem to tap into their knowledge and experience often enough. In ancient times, families and villages learned everything from the elders who were well respected. According to an article in The Telegraph, a study shows that wisdom really does come with age, as older people make better decisions than young adults who are too impulsive.

Personally, I’ve always preferred learning from experience rather than from books. In past articles, I have asked yoga teacher and breath work practitioner Lucy Hamel to share some of her life wisdom (you can read her articles here).

This month, my 80 year-old grand-mother shares with us pieces of life wisdom in a short interview. Happy reading!


most important life lessons



What is the most important thing you’ve learnt throughout your life ?

Keep calm and carry on.

What is your life philosophy ? 

There is always a good reason why something happens.

What is the one thing you most want people to remember about you ?

The good moments spent together.

What was your proudest moment as a parent/grand-parent ?

Each time a child or grandchild does well.

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If you could offer one piece of advice to your grandkids, what would it be ?

“Do your best”.

If you could offer your grandkids one piece of relationship advice, what would it be ?

“Be true to yourself and be patient.”

If you could offer your grandkids one piece of financial advice, what would it be ?

“Save a euro a day”.

If you could offer your grandkids one piece of advice on raising a family, what would it be ?

“Be hardworking, patient but your YES be YES ,and your NO be NO. Be firm.”

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BEST LIFE ADVICE to excel at any AGE

What advice would you give to your 30 year-old self ?

Keep going !

For more advice on excelling in your 30’s, I found a really good post with 10 very practical life lessons especially for people in their 30’s! You can read it by clicking here 🙂

What advice would you give to your 40 year-old self ?

Courage !

What advice would you give to your 50 year-old self ?

Keep learning !

What advice would you give to your 60 year-old self ?

Mind over body !

What advice would you give to your 70 year-old self ?

Don’t give up !

What advice would you give to your 80 year-old self ?

I am so lucky !

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Anything else you would like to share that is missing in those questions ?

When something goes wrong, ask yourself  “ What is the lesson I am meant to learn ? ”




Thank you very much to Ivy Hill, the most open-minded and knowledgeable grand-mother, who has kindly accepted to share her life wisdom with us 🙂

We’d love to hear about your own life wisdom in the comments or the best piece of life advice you have ever received!

Elena K.

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  • Marianne April 7, 2016  

    Doux et sage!Merci Ivi.

  • katee April 6, 2016  

    Leçon d’amour ! Merci Catherine <3 Des baisers.