What do you want from your life today?

A healthy mind and a healthy body is what I believe is the best gift I can offer myself and my loved ones. For the past few years, I’ve been studying and practicing modern and traditional preventive medicines to maintain a healthy and happy lifestyle. Today a good friend inspired me to share my favourite simple daily health practices as they have helped her lead a more balanced life and recover from chronic disease. I will be sharing one per month to leave you plenty of practice time 🙂

#1 – Attend to your body needs by developing self-awareness


  • Why should we develop self-awareness?

Ayurvedic textbooks say that “the master key to remaining healthy is awareness”. According to the traditional indian medicine, the root cause (Nidana) of all disease is what they call: crime against wisdom (Prajnaparadha). This means that we know deep inside what is good for us, but somehow we do the opposite and ignore our needs. Sounds familiar? The gap I’ve identified for myself between intuitively knowing what my body needs and acting is being fully present or being self-aware.


  • Here are some useful question to ask yourself throughout the day to help you master self-awareness:

– Do I feel hungry or I am having lunch because my watch indicates 12.30?

– Do I feel thirsty or am I drinking 2,5L of water a day because the health magasine says so?

– Do I feel tired? Do I feel confortable sitting at my desk? Is my back straight? My shoulders and jaw relaxed?

– Is this movie too violent for me? Is the music in this bar too loud?

– Do I honestly like the taste of raw kale juice and chia seeds? Does it feel right in my stomach?

– Am I repressing any natural urges? What can possibly be more important right now? Etc…..



  • My tip to develop self-awareness :

In practice, several times a day I use “empty” moments – in between two activities or thread of thoughts for example – to check what my needs are by asking some of the above questions or and take relevant action. I also spend a few minutes each day to meditate and be fully present in my body. You can also use a guided body scan meditation like this one by Jon Kabat-Zinn


I will end this post with the words of Hippocrates, father of Modern Medicine

“Make a habit of two things: to help; or at least to do no harm.”

Enjoy your practice and see you soon for another daily health practices for a healthy body and a healthy mind.


Elena K.

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