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Maison Alethia is a dream come to life for Elena Kuerten – founder and wellness consultant. During a company workshop in 2012, she visualised owning a retreat villa on a Greek island as a place for well-being, rest and personal growth. But little did she imagine that her dream would become reality so soon.


A traveller and explorer at heart, Elena is part-French and part-Greek and is a citizen of both countries. She experienced a traditional upbringing in Paris but spent her happy summers in Mykonos in the 1980s. Growing up, Elena followed a conventional route that was expected of her by family and society – earning a double-degree in International Business Management from KEDGE Business School (France) and the University of Portsmouth (UK). Later, she went on to enjoy a successful 12-year career leading corporate marketing teams in the hospitality and online travel industry across Europe and Asia.


Despite her outward success, Elena was constantly burdened by stress, fears and anxieties. As a teenager, she suffered from migraines, skin disorders, insomnia, digestive issues and hormonal imbalance. At the age of 19, she was put on medication that was to last for more than a decade.

Throughout her career, Elena never forgot her passion for understanding human nature and the universe. As a child, she wanted to be an archaeologist or an astronomer! It was this desire to understand herself and her own body that led her to nutrition and yoga, in an attempt to heal her own ailments and regain physical and emotional balance.

In 2012, Elena took herself off medication and went through a difficult ‘desert journey’. For four years, she studied, practiced and explored various methods, from Traditional Chinese Medicine to Psychology to Meditation. She faced strong opposition from her direct environment, who believed her methods were unconventional, and experienced self-criticism and self-doubt along the way. Nonetheless, she persisted with her journey to treat her own disorders and get to the root of her problems. During that time she become a certified Hatha Yoga Teacher, Ayurvedic Lifestyle & Nutrition Consultant and Ayurvedic Massage Therapist at the Ayurveda Institute in London (UK).


Since then, Elena hasn’t looked back. She has been completely healed of hormonal imbalance. Her skin is clearer, she sleeps through the night and she no longer experiences constant digestive discomforts. Four years of hard work, tried-and-tested methods have yielded results beyond her expectations.

In her own words, she says: “I started out wanting to heal myself physically, but did not expect to find my life back. I’ve found clarity, confidence and strength – and feel totally alive again.”

Elena has been off medication for five years and is now passionate to see others experience the same body and mind balance, develop personally and live out their best lives.

“I started out wanting to heal myself physically, but did not expect to find my life back. I’ve found clarity, confidence and strength – and feel totally alive again.” Elena Beurdeley Kuerten

In 2015, Maison Alethia was born with the sole purpose to empower others to lead this change within themselves, by offering tailor-made wellness travel experiences in Greece for organisations and private groups. Combining her love for travel, well-being and for people, Elena’s greatest joy is seeing others achieve physical and emotional balance, resulting in lasting health and happiness.


Elena work towards making her dream a reality. She continues her learning and practice so that one day she can welcome you in the Maison Alethia wellness retreat and learning center in Greece.

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Are you ready to love your life and make a difference?

We believe that you have the power to transform the world and create the future you wish for. How you choose to transform yourself has a direct impact your internal and external environment.

At Maison Alethia, we believe that HEALTHY LEADERS = HEALTHY BUSINESSES.

Our passion is to empower professionals with self-knowledge, self-confidence and leadership so that they can attract passion, success, health & joy into their personal and professional lives. Let’s start now creating winning stories and experiences for YOU, your TEAM and your CLIENTS.

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Marjorie guides you to build strength and flexibility, explore your limits and create new mind-body connections. Disciplines : Yoga, Ayurveda, Breath-work.



Morgane inspires self-discovery, self-expression, connection to self & others with ingenuity and humour. Disciplines : Coaching, Acting, Directing, Writting.



17 years of experience in holistic body work, Mario gently guides the physical and emotional spheres of our lives. Disciplines: Body & Posture Expert, Massage, Yoga Therapy

Wan Phing

Wan Phing

Wan Phing moves in the medium of words, and has over 30 published works of fiction in the USA, Canada, Singapore and Malaysia. Disciplines: Creative Writing, Writing as Therapy



Stéphanie empowers inner peace and harmonise body, mind and spirit with kindness and humility. Disciplines : Naturopathy, Iridology, Sophrology, Yoga, Massage, Reiki.



Alix helps executives develop their potential and improve their work performance. Disciplines : Executive Coaching, Career Transition, Myers-Briggs Profiling

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